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Terms and Conditions

We implement several policy points to determine whether the file / content that you upload is suitable for download by the public without violating the rules of third parties or the local government. the policy points are stated as follows:

1) Do not add/upload file on ifile.cc that contain illegal content (copyrighted content, child pornography, threatening, defaming, stalking, abusing, harassing or violating the legal rights of others or entities).

2) Prohibit all types of fraud in connection with ifile.cc.

3) If a violation of the terms and conditions occurs, we reserve the right to delete the user including his revenue including clicking the link multiple times.

4) Click valid in 2x verification, the first directly through our algorithm and the second manually when processing payments.

5) We prohibit the placement of ifile.cc links or other duit.cc platforms to be placed on sites / blogs that provide hacking information, tunnel ssh / the like, porn / adult content and sites that provide harmful practices for ifile.cc.

6) We use advertisers for revenue, when the advertiser relationship and ifile.cc stops we will not process payments that are still Pending.

7) Data loss that is not caused by the owner of ifile.cc is not the responsibility of the owner of ifile.cc, for example, a banned status carried out by a hosting service provider, vps or dedicated server.

8) Ifile uses advertisers for revenue, so the content you upload on ifile.cc must follow advertiser policies such as adsense, mgid, yllix, propellerads, adreactor, etc.

9) We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to you.

If you feel the point of the rule still has a legal loophole that can be used by someone or a group for activities that harm someone or group, you can report it by contacting fanpage duit.cc at the following link https://facebook.com/duit.cc/.

Do you have digital files? maybe you are interested in uploading the file in ifile.cc. The reason for this is that besides you can secure files and share them with your friends, you can also make money from each download so there is nothing to lose.

iFile is a service from DUIT.CC which is useful for saving files. iFile is a file sharing site that can make money for members. This is clearly more profitable than you store files on Google Drive, Mediafire, Mega and others because they do not give commissions for each download.